Little & Fierce Premature All-in-ones

Little & Fierce Premature All-in-ones

That very first time you dress your baby in NICU is a huge moment. Premature clothing is exceptionally hard to find in New Zealand so we are blessed to be able to stock Little and Fierce All-in-ones.


These come in two different options.


One with medical cord exits for the very small premature babes making it so much more practical and keeping medical cords out of the way.


The other option is without a medical exit which are perfect for a smaller new-born or baby who doesn't require long-term NICU care.


They also come with fold over mittens which are so handy for keeping their hands nice and snug whilst also preventing them from scratching their faces and pulling out feeding tubes. The fold-over-feet booties mean no undressing when it’s time to switch babe’s 24/7 monitoring foot probe to the opposite foot .


Made with the softest 100% organic cotton, gentle on delicate skin. ​


Available in two colour ways – Raspberry Picnic and Bear Hunt ​ Sizing details Small prem – approx. 1.3kg to 2kg (000000) Prem – approx. 2kg to 3kg (00000) ​


Product details

GOTS certified

Designed in New Zealand

Made ethically in a small factory in India